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Ripping DVDs is not only for pirates. Even if you own a DVD it may be important to copy it to your Mac. Especially to

  • make a backup copy because DVDs get very easily scratched
  • watch it on your MacBook and save battery (the DVD drive takes much more energy than your hard disk)
  • copy it to your iPod/iPad

For quite a long time I have been using MacTheRipper because it is easy to use and free. Yet MacTheRipper is no longer supported, is PPC only and it’s successor has a very doubious payment process in which I don’t want to lose my money.

So I have been trying lots of other ripping Apps but quickly excluded most for their heavy price tag ($50 is too much in my opinion)

But finally I found the perfect replacement for MacTheRipper: RipIt. RipIt perfectly well rips DVDs and even gives a garantee to rip every DVD. If your DVD will not rip the developers promise to buy it and adjust RipIt to work with it. Devolper “The little App Factory” even claim to have a 99.9999% success rate. Of course I could not verify that but in my experience MacTheRipper had only about 90% success rate. To rip all DVDs obviously includes DVDs with copy protection and that really works well 🙂

But RipIt can even rip and convert your DVD in one step to high quality mp4 or iPad/iPod/iPhone format. On my MacBook convertion takes about 1 hour so it’s quite convenient just having to click once to have it doing it in the background.

ripit screenshot

So what can RipIt do for you:

  • very, very easy to use one click
  • rips DVDs
  • converts DVDs to all iTunes formats
  • fair price: €16 / $20

What’s missing:

  • option to only rip the movie not the extras (according to the website this is intended to keep it simple)

App: RipIt 1.5.3
Price: €16 / $20
System Requirements:
MacOS 10.5 (Leopard)
Publisher: The little App Factory

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