Scribo – Finally a MAC Latex editor

scribo icon

Ok, let’s be honest: Latex is a pain in the ass and we would all rather use MS Word. The problem is Latex has some features that Word does not offer. First: professional bibliography management. Second: Good looking type setting (not OK-type-setting but really-good-type-setting). And although we cannot change Latex itself with all its useless error codes and complex package management, we at least can choose our Latex-Editor. And now finally, after – what? 30? – years of latex there is a real Mac Latex editor. Of course there were some Editors on Mac that I don’t want to mention here but you know what they looked like.

Now Scribo is a very cool Mac app. First thing you will notice is: there is only one command to typeset. And surprisingly it will correctly typeset all Latex documents. No need to set up any commands.

The other thing is the totally clean interface. No thousand buttons to insert the strangest math formulas. After all that’s why we use Latex because we can focus on the text and not on the program or the layout. And for the inevitable rest like error checking, formatting and spell checking (yes spell checking is included!) Scribo really eases your work.

scribo screenshot

So what makes Scribo a good Mac citizen:

  • very clean interface
  • native Cocoa app (no Java)
  • included Spell Checking
  • in-app-preview
  • split sreens
  • no setting up – start and go
  • improved error console with line marking

What’s missing:

  • still in beta but free
  • I miss nothing so I’m very excited what features will follow in the final version

App: Scribo beta
still free / final version will have a yet to be announced price
System Requirements:
MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Publisher: no pointless apps

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