Alternatives to Apple’ App Store – Bodega

On January 6th, the new Apple Mac App Store will launch and without doubt this will bring huge advantages. Especially for newbie Mac Users it will be much easier and more intuitive to find software in the App Store than  in the endless vastness of the internet.

So I take this for a reason to present an alternative Mac App Store called “Bodega“. This has already received quite some publicity over the last weeks but I think they will need a lot more attention in order to compete with Apple’s gigantic advertising budgets. I can’t say that Bodega is better or worse than Apple’s store (actually I don’t know what Apple’s store will look like) but it is important that there is some competition. Customers as well as developers should have a choice.

So what’s Bodega like?
First Bodega is not a real shop but uses the original webstores of the developers. If you click buy, an integrated web-view window with the shop will appear. For the developers this means a larger income because Apple keeps 30% of the price, whereas Bodega only wants 7% for redirecting. Yet all shops are personally checked by the Bodega team and can be trusted.

Just as the Apple Store Bodega will (semi-)automatically download and install the purchased Apps as well as inform you about available updates.

Unlike the Apple Store Bodega has no over-restrictive limitations on the Apps contents or usefulness. So here you will find politically incorrect games and more important: Software that uses non standard hacks (like system enhancers), half-legal purpose (DVD rippers) and Software that will run on PPC and Systems older than 10.6.6.

What I am missing:

  • real autoinstalling of downloaded Apps
  • some kind of caching so you can browse Bodega when offline

And I noticed there are only very few comments and reviews on the available software, so my dear readers, if you try Bodega, maybe you feel lucky to give away some stars for the apps you like.

App: Bodega
Price: Free, no registration needed
Requirements: Mac OS 10.5.8
Publisher: Freshcode

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