Time for a break – Time Out

When I’m working (or playing) very concentrated on my Mac I easily forget time. And often I find myself sitting in a very unergonomic position for over 2 hours, so when I finally get up my back and my shoulders and my neck don’t feel very healthy. I think this is a general problem of using Computers, especially if you have to use them at work (and who doesn’t?).
I think it would be much better for my body and my concentration if I’d do 10 minutes of exercise, relaxing or eating a snack every hour.

So went on a search to find an App that reminds me to take breaks. I didn’t find the perfect one but I found three very promising apps that I want to introduce to you. And hopefully one of them just fits your needs.

Time Out
Time Out is what I am using now. You can freely set up how often you want to take a break (for example every 45 minutes) and how long it should last (for example 10 minutes). It is also recommended to take Micro Breaks every 10-15 minutes lasting only 1-2 minutes just to relax your eyes.

When it’s time for a break Time Out dims and blocks your screen. This is a quite rude approach, but actually I need to be pushed to take a break. So this is perfect for me. But it is also possible to postpone the break by 5-10 minutes if you’re in such a good flow at the moment. [oh, time for a break now. I’ll get some coffee now]
Yet Time Out has no option to run in the menu bar and you can not disable it without quitting. But there is a new version 2 coming up  which may have such features.

At the moment Time Out is free – with the release of version 2 there will be three versions (free, normal and pro).

Be Healthy
Be Healthy works similar to Time Out but runs in the menu bar. Anyway it won’t count breaks if you don’t pause for the full time. So if you return to work early it will remind you again much sooner which is a bit annoying in my opinion.

Be Healthy is free, too.

Drink has a bit another aim. It reminds you to drink enough since that is another thing you easily forgetwhen you are working. Drink displays a glass icon in your menu which empties over time, representing how your real glass on your desk should look like. When it’s empty it will remind you to refil it. Of course you can use this as a break reminder as well and think of the water glass as a coffee cup. (And on weekends you can use it as a drinking game 🙂 )

Drink costs $3.99 .

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