Finally my MacBook can sleep – PleaseSleep

Almost since the biginning that I have my MacBook (Al, 2009, 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo) I have had problems with sleep mode. My MacBook just won’t sleep when left alone (closing the lid works fine) so often when I come back my battery is fully drained. I have tried everything.

Now finally today I found a tool that’s called ‘PleaseSleep‘. It runs in the menu bar and it forces the Mac to sleep when it should. It reads out the Energy Settings and there is nothing to set up. Best of all it’s free but I think I will donate some money for solving a problem Apple could not solve…

App: PleaseSleep
Price: Free (Donationware)
Requirements: Mac OS 10.5 [update thanks to Martin: 10.3] and a sleeping problem (you don’t need it if your system works…)

  1. The requirement is actually Mac OS X 10.3 or later and the software was last updated in 2009. Are you sure it is still safe to use?

    • Well it works for me. As far as I understood the conecept, PleaseSleep just listens for the system to send sleep notifications (it does when it’s time to sleep according to the system settings, but for unknown reason some MacBooks just don’t listen to that), then PleaseSleep forces the Mac to sleep. I think it uses a similar call as when you select Sleep from the Apple Menu.
      Of course you use it on your own risc but I don’t think a sleep app could do any harm…

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