Improve website loading time – PNG Compressor

This is a blog for non-professionals but I’m sure some of you have their own website. You probably know that search engines like google rate websites according to the keywords they contain as well as the number and quality of links that point to it. But there are some other aspects that will positively influence your position on google (some people would take a lot of money for these tips and call it “search engin optimization consulting” 🙂 ):

  • use correct html and css (validate with the w3c validator)
  • don’t use frames and redirections
  • don’t use flash because it can’t be indexed
  • keep your website loading times as low as possible
Actually everthing will raise your website score that your human readers would  find useful, too.
Improving page load times is espacially a matter of image sizes. Always use image files that have exactly the size in which they are displayed (not bigger) and compress jpg files as strong as it still looks good.
If you use png images on your site you should use a png compressor. Just a week ago a new png compressor for Mac was release in the Mac App Store called “PNG Compressor”. It is only $1.99 (current discount offer)  and is very easy to use.
Just drag your images (or your entire website folder) on the App and it will amazingly fast compress all pngs.
You will be surprised that you can still compress them between 20-40%. I especially like the option to automatically replace the original images. So converting a complete website only needs one drag & drop action.
Of course there are other tools for png compression, too, and some are even free. Anyway they are not as easy and clean and some don’t presever the image quality so I won’t mention them here.
Product: PNG Compressor
Price: $1.99 (€1.59) current offer – will probably rise
Requirements: Mac OS 10.6.6 (Mac App Store)
Publisher: Shpakovski
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