Cooler Computing – smcFanSpeed

It’s summer and it’s getting hot. If you use a MacBook you know what this means. It’s 30 degree and you have an aluminum brick on your lap that heats up to over 65 degree (Celsius!) and finally you have to stop working because your palms are melting and glue to your MacBook.

I started using a little tool called smcFanSpeed about a week ago. This allows you to set the minumum fan speed of any MacBook. The idea is to prevent your MacBook from getting hot.

It even allows to set different fan speed profiles and can automatically switch profiles when you switch from power to battery.
smcFanSpeed runs in your menu bar and displays the current fan speed and temperature – and it is free.

Anyway at least on my MacBook it does not work as well as I hoped. This is not a problem of the software but rather a hardware design flaw. My MacBook fan just seems to be incapable of cooling the processor down to a comfortable level. However a friend of mine said it worked very well on his (current model) MacBook.

Since it’s free there’s no risk trying it out.

Product: smcFanSpeed 2.2.2
Price: Free
Requirements: Compatible MacBook

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