Ways to save battery – Scroll with keyboard


I have a MacBook that was produced before they all got 8 hours of battery life. So for me saving power is still an issue if I want to use it longer than 3 hours. Today I found a very interesting way to save battery:

If you scroll text with your trackpad using the 2-finger gesture for some reason it takes a lot of CPU time.

On my MacBook scrolling a news page in chrome while reading takes up to 30% of my Core 2 Duo. But when I scroll pressing the arrow keys on the keyboard line by line it takes almost zero CPU time. Isn’t that ineresting? Sure, scrolling with the trackpad means smooth scrolling while the keyboard scrolls line by line, anyway I find 30% quite a lot.

So in the future I will use my keyboard more often and since surfing and reading is what I do most of the time this will improve battery life a lot. I’ve only tried this with webpages, but probably this will be the same with pdfs and pictures. I would love to hear your experiences in the comments.

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