Scandinavian action – Flying Sweden

I feel that the Mac App Store has brought a flood of really awful games. This makes it even more difficult to find interesting stuff to play. Recently a friend of mine pointed me to the uDevGames indie game contest. On of the winners this year is a game called FlyingSweden. FlyingSweden is a very unconventional space invaders like shooter. You are in control of a flying island representing Sweden. On your island you can build shooting monuments (starting with an ikea canon) and resource houses that bring you money, workers and science point. Naturally you need these resources to build more stuff which will bring you more resources to build more stuff.

After the build phase your FlyingSweden flips to fight and you must protect your island by shooting the attacking rockets, helicopters and spaceships before they destroy your buildings. If you win the fight you can collect the resource production of your FlyingSweden to improve your strength with even weireder   weapons like a wooden pony gun (shooting small wooden ponies).

The game goes through various levels with very creative ideas and  a cute storyline. It is a lot of fun to play and quite easy to understand. The playtime is rather short (< 1h) but it’s free and you will probably want to play it over and over again. Very convenient is the built in auto save function so don’t need to care about saving when you have to interrupt your game.

You might also want to have a look at the other contestant games over at There is a wide variety of game genres available for free download and if you’re interested you can even get the source code for each game. Feel free to recommend your experience with the other uDevGames in the comments 😉

Product: FlyingSweden
Price: Free
Requirements: Mac OS 10.5
Publisher: Miller, Karlsson, McDonough via

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