Mac OS Goodies – DigitalColor Meter

I recently noticed that there are several (commercial) Apps in the App Store that allow to pick colors from your screen. I find this very surprising because Mac OS has a built-in screen color picker that works perfectly well.

I guess a lot of people don’t know this very useful tool called “DigitalColor Meter”. You find it in Applications/Utilities or just using Spotlight. With DigitalColor Meter you can easily get the color of any pixel on your display. This is quite useful if you want to “borrow” a color from a website or an icon or if you want to copy a color from one Application to another.

To give you some short introduction: you can set the format of the displayed color code from the menu (hex/decimal) and you can copy the code with cmd+shift+c in Lion (or hold a color by pressing cmd+shift+h in Mac OS < 10.7). After all you should check out the menu because most functions are only available there.

Product: DgitalColor Meter (found in Applications/Utilities)
Price: Free
Requirements: available on all Mac OS 10 versions
Publisher: Apple

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