My name is Markus and I’m a Software Developer from Germany but I don’t want to focus on developer topics. Smiling Mac is especially supposed to be a blog for those who are new to the Mac and all “normal” members of our Mac community.

I review non-blockbuster shareware and freeware games and I introduce you to high quality Mac tools that really save your day.

By the way this blog is absolutely not commercial so you won’t see any advertising or paid reviews. I’m just doing this for fun. So blogging frequencies  are dependent on my sparse time…

Why is this in English?

Right, I’m German. But I decided to publish this Blog in English so I can reach more people. And I have the feeling that there are only very few high quality non-commercial Mac blogs in English, whereas there are numerous very good German Mac Blogs (see Blogroll 🙂 )…
Anyway I hope you will excuse possible mistakes.

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