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Mac OS X 2.0 – Where Apple is going

Some time ago I wrote down my anger and disappointment about Mac OS Lion and the way Apple is going. I concluded with the vague notion that Windows 8 might be not so bad. Since then I talked with a lot of people about Lion and the Mac platform realizing even more issues, while also I learnt a lot about Windows 8 and its upcoming features. Taking the risk of receiving dozens of flame mails, let me explain why Windows is taking the right steps and Mac OS is not.

Kernel panic in Mac OS X.

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Where Mac OS is going

Monitoring Apple’s moves over the last months I now am convinced that Apple is planning to transform the Mac into a bigger iPhone. I think Apple realized that professional products will never earn them as much money as consumer oriented products like the iPhone. So they will probably merge Mac OS 10.8 with iOS to move all their attention to the just-for-fun consumer users that are already buying iPhones and Apple TVs. There are several striking areas where this can be seen:

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Here we come – Twitter

Just want to let you know:

SmilingMac is now on Twitter, too.

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I will post much more twitter messages than blog entries. So make sure to follow me if you want to get the full spectrum of Mac Software Reviews (even the not so noteworthy ones and the full news about crap-ware 🙂 )

By the way: you might want to know what Twitter Client I’m using. It’s the official “Twitter”. I like the design and actually I’m new to this. So if you have any recommendation about better alternatives, leave a comment…

Hello world!

Welcome World. This is the first post. This blog shall be an access point for Mac and iPhone software reviews. I will try feature games that you have not already read on hundreds of other blogs and I will try to introduce you to Mac tools that you will love.
My name is Markus and I’m a Software Developer from Germany but I don’t want to focus on developer topics. Smiling Mac is especially supposed to be a blog for those who are new to the Mac and all “normal” members of our Mac community.

We start off with a static page “Mac Standard Accessory” showing you some applications that every Mac user should have on his machine. All experienced readers probably already have them but I hope many Mac newbies will find this helpful.

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