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Wouldn’t it be good if you could have access and icons to your most used settings on your iPhone or iPad home screen, without the need to load up the settings app and search for them? For example you may always need to be checking your wifi settings or toggling your airplane mode on and off.
Well it can be achieved, read this quick tutorial and find-out how.

Load up Safari on your iOS device and go to the following web address: – Once there, you will see a list of the settings you can get fast access to.

Choose the feature you want to set-up a shortcut for and tap on the link provided. An Install Profile window will appear with the name of the setting, tap on install to add it. A box will appear asking if you want to proceed with an unsigned profile. At this…

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Stumbled upon: Is iOS the Future of the Mac?

app storm screenshotMacAppstorm just published an article speculating about the future of Mac OS. They, too, consider it very likely that iOS and MacOS will be merged. However they speak of this from a more customer oriented point of view (unlike me who would immediatley leave the Mac platform if it turns to a larger iPad…)

Anyway I think it is fair to point out somebody else’s point of view while I am preparing my article “Why Windows 8 will be the better Mac OS”

Mac OS X 2.0 – Where Apple is going

Some time ago I wrote down my anger and disappointment about Mac OS Lion and the way Apple is going. I concluded with the vague notion that Windows 8 might be not so bad. Since then I talked with a lot of people about Lion and the Mac platform realizing even more issues, while also I learnt a lot about Windows 8 and its upcoming features. Taking the risk of receiving dozens of flame mails, let me explain why Windows is taking the right steps and Mac OS is not.

Kernel panic in Mac OS X.

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Where Mac OS is going

Monitoring Apple’s moves over the last months I now am convinced that Apple is planning to transform the Mac into a bigger iPhone. I think Apple realized that professional products will never earn them as much money as consumer oriented products like the iPhone. So they will probably merge Mac OS 10.8 with iOS to move all their attention to the just-for-fun consumer users that are already buying iPhones and Apple TVs. There are several striking areas where this can be seen:

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Text Editor – There is none

I’ve just updated the Mac Standard Accessory page. I removed the Smultron TextEditor because it is no longer free and is only available from the AppStore. That’s fine but I consider a commercial TextEditor not a Mac Essential.

Unfortunately there is no really good Mac TextEditor for non professional users anymore. I’m dreaming of an App a bit like Smultron:

  • Free
  • very easy and unclutterd (no webpreview, command line utility etc.)
  • Mac like (cocoa)
  • fast (Smultron will crash if you open a file with more than 1000 lines)

Anyway if you need an free editor right now try TextWrangler by Bare Bones Software. It’s quite old but still supported, it looks a bit windows-like and it has way too much professional features. TextWrangler is more like a programmers editor but it works well, is stable and still works on Mac OS 10.5.

Anyway I’m still hoping for some independent Mac Software Studio fulfilling my dream of a simple Mac text editor…

Coolest Physics ever – Osmos

This is so cool! I just found it on macupdate.

I can hardly describe it – you just have to try it, only so much:
You are a ball of energy – a bit like a bacteria – and you live among hundreds of other balls of different sizes in a small universe. The rules are simple. You can eat smaller balls to grow and you should try not to be eaten by balls that are bigger than you.

osmos screenshot

Osmos has a free demo version available from their website, so feel free to try it. And if you like it you can buy in the new Apple AppStore – I guess – €2,49. But I’m not sure because once you bought an App you cannot see the price anymore (well done, Apple). Anyway it’s quite cheap. If you don’t like the AppStore you can get it on the website for $10 (includes versions for Mac, Win, Linux, without copy protection).

App: Osmos
Price: €2.50 (AppStore – limited time)
Requirements: Apple AppStore / unknown when downloaded from website
Publisher: Hemisphere Games

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