Mac Standard Accessory

Every Mac comes ready to use and a lot of useful software is already included. Yet some applications should be on every Mac that are not Apple-made. So especially for the Mac newbies I created a (growing) list of third party software you should consider to download. They will make you feel even more at home on your Mac.

Adium iconChat with anybody – Adium (free)
Adium not only supports every chat service (ICQ, MSN, Google, Yahoo, Jabber, AOL, and many more) but more importantly has a super intuitive user  interface. This is the best chat application you will ever see and it is even fully customizable with hundreds of themes. Way better than iChat but it can’t do video chat.

Skim iconView and edit PDF – Skim (free)
Preview is ok but Skim rocks. You won’t notice the differences immediately but if you need to read lots of pdfs you will soon be Skim’s biggest fan. Besides others cool features are: much better table of contents and useful annotation tools.

The Unarchiver IconOpen compressed files – The Unarchiver (free)
Mac OS will open most compressed files like zip, bzip, gzip and some others. But sometimes you will stumble over files like rar, msi, 7z and others (especially files you get from windows users). The Unarchiver will expand virtually every compressed file and its unobstrusive, simple and free.

Cyberduck iconFTP – Cyberduck (free)
Cyberduck is simply the perfect FTP software and a must have if you maintain a website or need to access institutional ftp repositories.

Cyberduck is free but donations are welcome.

Tincta iconText editor – Tincta (free)
Tincta is a very intuitive text editor. It has all important features like syntax coloring, line numbering, document sidebar and search and replace.
This is editor that should be bundled with Mac OS X.

Pixelmator iconProfessional image editing – Pixelmator ($29 currently)
Pixelmator is to Photoshop what iWork is to MS Office. Pixelmator won’t do everything Photoshop does – but to be honest 90% of the users only use 10% of Photoshops features. Pixelmator will do the trick for most of us who need a professional image editor only from time to time and for easier task like quick retouching, cropping, merging etc.. And really important: Pixelmator is only $29.
Unfortunately Pixelmator is only available in the Apple AppStore so it will only run on Mac OS 10.6.6

General Advise
If you are looking for Mac Software for a specific task try for searching. Of course there now is the AppStore, too, but I think macupdate definitely is better organized and easier to use. After all it seems to be very popular among developers so it has virtually every Mac application in its database that exists. (The AppStore has not.)

  1. August 28th, 2010
  2. January 24th, 2011

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