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Personal Thought – Don’t upgrade to Lion

English: The icon of Mac OS X Lion

As a developer I had to upgrade to Lion right when it was released so I could test my Software on it. I’m sure there are lots of people who have not upgraded yet and besides all the technical reviews you can get on arstechnicaand other blogs I would like to give you my personal impression on Lion.

My first impression is: Lion is a step backward. And after having used it for weeks now my impression lasts. There are several issues that are really annoying:

Lion will delete your Windows partition. I did not know this and the installer does not warn you. Installing Lion will create a recovery partition and this recovery partition takes it space from the windows partition (if there is any). So your Windows partition will be totally destroyed. If you have Windows installed your really should make a backup or even better: don’t install Lion.

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Self Defense – Sophos Anti-Virus

I’ve been really busy these days so posts were a bit sparse, but I’m back again.

One reason why we use a Mac is that it is very secure and there are only a handful of viruses. But Apple does not take security very serious and there a lots of open holes in the system as well as in Safari and QuickTime. So if you want to be really safe you should use a virus scanner. And maybe you want to protect your Windows using friends from passing on windows-viruses with forwarded mail or USB-Sticks.

There are several free virus scanners available one is ClamXav that is open source but not updated so often.  Another is the lite version of VirusBarrier that is available from the AppStore. But this is very stripped down, though the full version is said to be quite good.

I’ve been using Sophos Anti-Virus for a while now and I’m very satisfied. It’s free and it runs in the menu bar without annoying you. It does not take up much RAM and does not slow down your system. Yet it does work and for instance found a windows virus on my friends USB-Stick when he plugged it into my Mac.

Anti-Virus not the most exciting topic so I keep it short: Sophos is small, simple, free and it works. If you are a bit paranoid or just have to use anti-virus (like in closed working networks) you should give it a try.

Product: Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition
Price: Free
Requirements: Mac OS 10.4

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