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50s style in space – The Adventures of Rick Rocket

I love retro games and I’ve been playing Asteroids games for hours and days when I was I child. Last week I was overwhelmed by the urge to play something like that again. And finally after following over two dozen macupdate download links I found Rick Rocket.

Rick Rocket is a mixture of asteroids and space invaders with a full story mode about aliens attacking earth and you being the only one who can save our beloved planet. The gameplay is simple but fun: just shoot the alien ships and try to upgrade your weapons. The whole game features a great 40s / 50s style atmosphere including intro, comic-style story sequences and spaceships that look like add-ons to old breakfast cereals. It’s great. I have not yet played all 48 levels but The game is addictive and has a well balanced  difficulty progression in terms of spaceship and weapon upgrades and enemy strength.

Rick Rocket has a free demo mode and can be downloaded from It is not available in the AppStore and costs $20 which may sound a lot but it will bring you hours of fun and remember where you spend more money on things that are less fun without hesitation like: 3D Movies, haircuts, car stuff and boring novels.

App: The Adventures of Rick Rocket
Price: $19.99
Requirements: PPC / Intel, Mac OS 10.4, 1Ghz
Publisher: My Game Company

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