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Coolest Physics ever – Osmos

This is so cool! I just found it on macupdate.

I can hardly describe it – you just have to try it, only so much:
You are a ball of energy – a bit like a bacteria – and you live among hundreds of other balls of different sizes in a small universe. The rules are simple. You can eat smaller balls to grow and you should try not to be eaten by balls that are bigger than you.

osmos screenshot

Osmos has a free demo version available from their website, so feel free to try it. And if you like it you can buy in the new Apple AppStore – I guess – €2,49. But I’m not sure because once you bought an App you cannot see the price anymore (well done, Apple). Anyway it’s quite cheap. If you don’t like the AppStore you can get it on the website for $10 (includes versions for Mac, Win, Linux, without copy protection).

App: Osmos
Price: €2.50 (AppStore – limited time)
Requirements: Apple AppStore / unknown when downloaded from website
Publisher: Hemisphere Games


Biofilm – Replicate and kill

Biofilm is not a new game but it’s still a very creative idea. The entire game takes place in a petri dish where you are in control of a colony of bacteria. There are nutrious areas where your little friends can grow and replicate, and there are evil cancer cells with whom you compete over nutrients. So you try to grow as much “soldier”-cells as possible to outnumber the enemy. Naturally there are different types of cells like glowing light cells, supporting cells, freezing cells and bomber cells. The gameplay is quite similar to old versions of command and conquer or warcraft so you will quickly feel comfortable.

This game is a lot of fun especially if you love simulation games (which are rare anyway) and the graphics are very cute. The price tag is $18 or €15 which is not so cheap but ok. (That’s the price of a 3D-Movie ticket) .

The only problem I had, was that my MacBook touch pad did not work properly with this game. Only half of my right-clicks were actually accepted so it was a bit fuzzy to control my germs. Yet I think this is not an issue with a mouse and there are keyboard controls, too.

Maybe you just download it and try it yourself 🙂

App: Biofilm
Price: €15 / $18
Requirements: G5 or Intel, Mac OS 10.3.9, (two button mouse would be useful)
Publisher: Battery Acid Games

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